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Youth Climbing Camps

Gripstone’s Climbing Camp is a fun-filled half-day camp for kids ages 7-16. Children with all levels of climbing experience are welcome to join. We’ll have fun and games, plus plenty of climbing!


Important Note: At this time, we will not be hosting camps for any children age 6 or under.

  • We ask that children are dropped off no earlier than 5 minutes prior to the beginning of camp, and picked up no later than 5 minutes after camp ends.
  • Children should wear comfortable, athletic clothing and closed-toe shoes. If they own their own climbing harness/shoes we encourage them to bring them, otherwise rentals are included for the camp day.
  • Face coverings/masks ARE REQUIRED. While campers may pull down their facemasks when needing to catch their breath or when drinking/eating, all guests are expected to wear them while in all common areas of the facility, especially while idle.
  • Please make sure to pack your children enough snacks and water to last the camp day; snack times will be allotted during the session.
  • Due to COVID-19 restrictions the drinking fountains in the facility are currently unavailable. All children must bring a bottle of water from home.
  • To comply with other COVID-19 restrictions we have limited the number of children to four per session.
  • Refunds are unable to be processed within two weeks of a camp day event.

Remember: A Waiver is Required For EVERYONE to Enter Climbing Area – Parent / Guardian Must sign for those under 18 Yrs. of Age and send a Photocopy of Drivers License if not accompanying their child.

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Climbing Waiver

A Signed Waiver is Required For Everyone to Enter The Climbing Area. Parents or Legal Guardians Must sign for Kids who are Under 18.





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