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Youth Climbing Camps

Gripstone’s Climbing Camp is a fun-filled half-day camp for kids ages 7-14. Children with all levels of climbing experience are welcome to join. We’ll have fun and games, plus plenty of climbing!!


Important Note: At this time, we will not be hosting camps for any children age 6 or under.

  • We ask that children are dropped off no earlier than 5 minutes prior to the beginning of camp, and picked up no later than 5 minutes after camp ends.
  • Children should wear comfortable, athletic clothing and closed-toe shoes. If they own their own climbing harness/shoes we encourage them to bring them, otherwise rentals are included for the camp day.
  • Face coverings/masks ARE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES, IN ALL AREAS. Mesh masks are not allowed, and do not meet the requirements for this policy, and any participants attempting to wear one will be asked to switch it out for a proper mask, or will be turned away. While campers may pull down their facemasks when needing to catch their breath or when drinking/eating, all guests are REQUIRED to wear them, especially while idle.
  • Please make sure to pack your children enough snacks and water to last the camp day; snack times will be allotted during the session.
  • Due to COVID-19 restrictions the drinking fountains in the facility are currently unavailable. All children must bring a bottle of water from home.
  • To comply with other COVID-19 restrictions we have limited the number of children to four per session.
  • Refunds are unable to be processed within two weeks of a camp day event.

Remember: A Waiver is Required For EVERYONE to Enter Climbing Area – Parent / Guardian Must sign for those under 18 Yrs. of Age and send a Photocopy of Drivers License if not accompanying their child.

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Climbing Waiver

A Signed Waiver is Required For Everyone to Enter The Climbing Area. Parents or Legal Guardians Must sign for Kids who are Under 18.





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