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If you are already up to date with our COVID Policies, please scroll to the bottom of this page to book your reservation. If you haven’t booked with us before, please read the following before continuing.


 Please carefully read our protocols and protective measures below. These have been updated on 02/15/2021.


Who can visit: Anyone! But reservations are required! Starting February 7th, 2021, El Paso country moved to “Safer at Home: Level Yellow Restrictions.” As part of these restrictions we are required to limit total numbers at any one time to 85 customers. This capacity limit is now able to be calculated using our Square Footage, and has been raised from 50 customers. Due to the number of available slots, we will be operating for Members and Punch Pass Holders only during certain times of the day and week, and will be open to non-members at other times. 

Reservations: Required. Use our booking system below, or call in to make a booking. Slots are limited, and fill up quickly. All bookings open exactly one week in advance. If you follow a routine of coming every Tuesday at 6pm- make sure to check the website at the end of your session to get the best chance of getting the same session next week!


Walk Ins: Not Ideal, and Not Recommended. We require reservations so we can keep an accurate count for all bookings. We do not allow walk-ins for new customers. If you are a new customer and wish to climb, you must book a reservation for your first climb. We allow for walk-ins to come if we are not at capacity during the reservation window, and we are past the point of new bookings. Walk-ins must be processed differently than Reservations, and sometimes that takes more time, as we must process the Reservations before walk-ins. If you’d like to try walking in, we recommend coming 15 minutes after the slot starts climbing (Want to join the 2pm slot, but don’t have a reservation? Better to try 2:15pm!). 

Spectators: Our Spectating Ban is now lifted, but Spectators must have a booked reservation. We’ve replaced the ban with a $5 Spectator’s Pass. Spectators still contribute to our overall capacity and while we’d love to allow for everyone to enjoy our facility, we will continue to prioritize climbers over non-participants. Spectators must book a slot in a reservation to guarantee a spot. Any Spectator that is a walk-in may be turned away due to capacity limits.

Booking Cancellations and No-Shows: If you are unsure that you will be on time for your reservation, or that you may miss it entirely- let us know ASAP. All reservations that end in a No-Show will be given away after 15 minutes of the reservation’s start, unless Gripstone has been previously informed of needed accomodation. At this time, our No Show Fee has been lifted.

Limited Hours: All reservation slots are for 2-hour blocks. Customers will be unable to enter the main gym until their time, and will be asked to leave promptly at the end of their block. All slots are Members and Punch Pass holders Only for certain times, and during other times can be open to non-Members.

Capacity Limits: Maximum capacity of 85 total guests, calculated from the State’s Square Footage Calculator for Social Distancing.

If Lead Climbing, Do Not Put the Rope in Your Mouth: Just don’t – for the health and safety of the people climbing after you.


Masks required: Guests are required to wear facemasks indoors at all times under the current Government Mandate.

  • Masks may only be lowered in order to catch your breath, if it interferes with the activity, or if it inhibits your ability to exercise safely. All guests are required to replace the mask promptly.
  • Please bring your own mask, they will not be provided to you.

Social Distancing: Guests must respect 6 feet of social distancing, except for those that are cohabitating.

Card Transactions preferred over Cash Transactions: For the safety of our employees and to limit money handling, cash transactions are not preferred at this time.

Limited Rentals: We are able to rent harnesses and shoes, but lead ropes and chalk-bags are not available for rent at this time. If you’d like one, they may be purchased in the pro-shop.

Climbing Waiver

A Signed Waiver is Required For Everyone to Enter The Climbing Area. Parents or Legal Guardians Must sign for Kids who are Under 18.





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