Membership Change Form for Existing Members

All memberships include full access to our climbing areas, fitness equipment, and common areas.

Other membership benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Unlimited access to climbing walls and fitness equipment during operating hours
  • Expanded ‘members only’ access to climbing walls and fitness equipment – currently 5 days / week
  • 10% Discount on all items sold in our proshop
  • Free Belay Device and Lead Rope Rentals
  • Discounts on select programs and classes
  • Two types of guest passes- One guest pass per month for anyone you choose, and one guest pass per day for guests that haven’t been to Gripstone before, and live locally in the greater Colorado Springs area.
  • $1 off drinks at FH Beerworks

Rental equipment is NOT automatically included with Membership. Since most members have their own gear, we didn’t want to charge for stuff you might not want. If you need to rent gear, you can either add-on another $50/mo for monthly Harness, Shoes, and Chalkbag rental, or you can rent them daily.


Membership Pricing


EFT Auto-bill Memberships*Paid-In-Full, Prepaid memberships
Monthly Dues1-Month PIFAnnual PIF
Individual Membership$89$109$899
Discount Membership**$79$95$799
2-Person Membership***$155$165$1550
Discount 2-Person$142$155$1420
Extra Household Member$25$30$300
Corporate Membership (adult)$69N/A$750
Corporate Membership (child)$25N/A$300
Trial MembershipN/A$50 (incl. full rentals)
Monthly Rental Add-on³$50$50N/A


What kind of memberships do you offer?

We offer Paid in Full memberships, as well as Auto-bill memberships. All memberships have the same benefits, but only Annual PIF and Auto-bill memberships also allow for members to invoice purchases to their account to be billed monthly, as long as the member has provided monthly billing information.

How do I sign up for a membership?

You can sign up for a membership either online, or at our Front Desk. You need to know what kind of a membership you want (Individual, 2-Person, or Family), as well as how you want to pay (Monthly Auto-bill, or Prepaid). We offer discounts on membership if you’re a member of the Active Military, Actively Enrolled College Student, 1st Responder, Senior Citizen, Nurse or Teacher. Before applying the discount however, we will need to verify your status as one of these categories.

What documentation do I need to verify my eligibility for a membership discount?

2-Person and Family memberships require Proof of Household.

Modern families come in all shapes and sizes- so rather than dealing with that, we’d rather just make sure everyone lives under the same roof!

  • IDs showing shared domicile
  • Bills, Pay stubs, and other official letters showing the same address. Please take care to black out any sensitive information. We are ONLY looking to verify shared addresses.
  • This proof must be verified Annually.

Active Military

  • Any non-expired DoD ID Badge or other Military ID showing status as Active Military
  • This proof must be verified Annually.

Actively Enrolled College Student

  • Students must show Current Class Schedule AND College ID
  • This proof must be verified every Semester.

Certified, employed 1st Responder

  • Current Certification Card or non-expired ID Badge
  • Current paystub
  • This proof must be verified Annually

Senior Citizen

  • Government Issued ID Card showing name and Date of Birth
  • This proof must be verified only once.

Registered, employed Nurse

  • Current Certification Card or non-expired ID Badge
  • Current paystub
  • This proof must be verified Annually

School Teacher

  • Current ID non-expired ID Badge
  • Current paystub
  • This proof must be verified Annually
You only list Auto-bill pricing as EFT, but you also allow ACH billing- why?

To make things simple and easy to understand, we wanted to only show EFT pricing since that’s the base price for all monthly auto-bill memberships. If a member chooses to provide ACH Bank Draft info instead of Credit Card info, we will extend an additional 5% Discount on all Membership Dues.

I have a 2-Person/Family membership. Will Cancelling/Freezing any single account affect the others?

Only for Auto-bill memberships. Cancelling/Freezing either the Primary or the Secondary will cause all lower accounts to “bump up” and fill the rate gap that would otherwise be created. An example: If the Smith family has three accounts (A [$79.00], B [$34.50], and C [$20.00] ), and the Primary (A) is Cancelled or Frozen, then Account B becomes the new Primary Account causing B’s rate to increase from $34.50 to $79.00, and C becomes the new Secondary account causing C’s rate to increase from $20.00 to $34.50 until account A is reinstated as the Primary. All Frozen Auto-bill accounts will incur a cost of $20 per month while frozen.

What if I need to Freeze or Cancel my membership?

For all Prepaid Memberships:

  • Prepaid memberships do not need to be cancelled, they simply expire at the end of their set amount of time.

For all Auto-bill Memberships:

  • All Cancellations and Freezes require written notice (through use of our Membership Change Form hosted on our website or accessed through an employee at the front desk in person) before the end of the month preceding the month you wish to cancel or freeze. (As a quick example, if you wish to cancel or freeze your account in March and you have an Auto-bill membership, the request must be submitted before March 1st, and will be effective for March 15th, the next billing date.)
  • All Frozen Auto-bill accounts will incur a cost of $20 per month while frozen.