On Monday Evening, Governor Polis and the Colorado Department of Health and Environment have ordered a 30 day closure of all Gyms, Bars, Restaurants, Theaters and Casinos state-wide. While we have previously announced a two-week closure, due to this order we must extend our closure to April 16th.

At the same time, Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers has declared a State of Emergency for our city, with the advent of 29 new cases throughout the state.

Despite all the bad news, we’ve seen an outpouring of support from our community, with many members reaching out on social media, email and on our phone systems! We can’t overstate how much we love you all, and how much this means to us, given how new we are! All of the messages of affirmation and support have gone a long way in lifting our spirits, and giving us the confidence that we’re headed in the right direction. Knowing you’ll all be there waiting on the other side is an incredibly powerful feeling.

Gripstone is still following all avenues to see what we can do at this time, but we have a few updates that we can share.

  • As stated above, we will be closed until at least April 16th due to Governor Polis’ order.
  • On March 15th, our billing was initiated automatically. Later in the day we had made the choice to close and freeze all accounts, and we have already begun the process of rolling this billing event back. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.
    • Immediately at the time of billing, all EFT accounts payments were processed, but for our members with ACH accounts, this payment was delayed due to the ACH payment gateway’s design.
    • Of the members who provided bank draft info and signed up for the ACH payment gateway, over 90% received an email today stating that their payment had been declined.
    • Because of this, we will not be reprocessing those payments without your permission, due to our current circumstances.
  • All members’ accounts will be automatically frozen, and no freeze fee will be added.
    • This freeze will be set for March 15th. For all members who requested a freeze after this date, yours will be credited to this date as well.
  • Despite the above policies, some members have stated that they want to keep their memberships running, or that they do not want a credit back for the charge they received. We can’t thank you enough for your support- these funds will go a long way towards supporting our staff to help them out in this time of need.
    • If you would like to help, along with the others who have already pledged their support, please fill out this form.
    • If you are not a member, but would still like to help contribute to the well being of our staff in some way, please consider purchasing Punch Passes or gift cards at the links above.
  • We are continuing to get projects done for the gym (maybe we’ll finally get the site finished…). A few staff will be working in the facility physically, while others will continue to work remotely on curriculum and programming for when we open back up. Rest assured we won’t take this thing sitting down!

So that’s it for now. Again, we appreciate all the help you’ve given, and all the support you all have provided. We’ll all see this through together, and we can’t wait to be with you again.


Nathaniel Zwerling
Operations Director
Gripstone Climbing & Fitness, Colorado Springs

Stay safe!

WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION! We’re actively working on getting more info up on the site!

If you’re unable to find what you need, feel free to use the “Contact us” link above! Thanks for your patience!

Gripstone Climbing Colorado Springs

6220 Tutt Blvd

Colorado Springs 80923

General Info FAQ

Can I just come and climb, or do I have to schedule an appointment and/or class?

We are walk-in friendly! Most people don’t schedule classes for their first time, so they can check out what it’s all about. Everyone will undergo a facility orientation, where we’ll show you how to get set up and ready to climb in person. We have staff in the facility to help you if need be- but most folks are able to get going from here! One thing to remember though: Our staff does not help you clip in and out of our auto-belays, and they do not belay customers. They’re more similar to lifeguards, rather than personal attendants! If you’d like to take a belay class to use our tope rope systems, just make sure to set up the class at least 24-hours in advance!

What do I need to get in order to climb?

You’ll need a day pass, and if you don’t have your own gear, we also have gear rentals. This is all you really need to climb at our facility, provided that you have closed-toed shoes, and a current liability waiver on file. All rentals are extra, but we do offer Admission+rental packages!

Rentals – Do I need to wear your climbing shoes and use climbing chalk?

All of our rentals are optional, extra rentals. If you would rather wear your sneakers- go for it! Our shoes help with added friction, but ultimately we want you to be comfortable! Chalk helps dry out sweaty hands and strips out the oils from your palms. This’ll help you grip more easily, and keeps our holds free from feeling slick! It’s ok if you don’t want the rentals now- you can always change your mind and get them later if you don’t want them right off the bat. Flip-flops, Sandals, Vibram Five-fingers and barefoot climbing are strictly prohibited on the rock walls.

Do I need to fill out any paperwork before I come, or can I fill it out once I get there?

Waivers are required for everyone to enter the climbing areas – Parents or Legal Guardians must sign for Minors. This can either be done ahead of time online at our Waiver page, or in person at one of our three kiosks.

I’m not climbing. I just want to watch my family climb. Do I still need to fill out a waiver?

It depends. If you’re going to be a passive observer- then no. Most folks just want to sit and watch, and that’s totally cool! If you’re going to be an active participant, and will be helping your family climb, by clipping them in and out of our autobelays, belaying them on top rope or lead, or spotting them in our bouldering area (essentially anything that puts you on our grey climbing mats)- then yes, you need to fill out a waiver.

Do you have a dedicated kids area, childcare, or any other “Kids Only” areas in your gym?

No. We do not have childcare, and we do not have any plans to provide childcare in the future. We also do not have a kids only area, where you can drop off your kids to climb on their own. We do have an entire wall with about 10 lines worth of climbing that is specifically set for kids, but it is not “kids only,” and anyone can climb there- it is a bit more private than our other areas.

Do you offer any classes for kids or adults?

Yes! Absolutely! We have classes for all levels of ability, from beginner all the way up through advanced climbing. We offer basic classes such as Intro to Climbing and Intro to Top Rope Belay, as well as more in depth classes like Climbing Movement and Techniques, Lead Climbing Certification, and even Gym to Crag! For kids, we have one-off classes that parallel the ones listed, and we also offer persistent programming such as After School Climbing Club, Camps (Spring break, Summer, Winter), as well as a competitive Youth climbing team that competes under the governance of USA Climbing. Our After School program only occurs while school is in session, and camps occur only while school is out of session. Our Youth team will begin in the late summer, when the new USAC Season starts. Please contact us if you’re interested in more information and pricing. Once the site is totally updated, you’ll be able to find that info right here!

Membership FAQ

What kind of memberships do you offer?

We offer Paid in Full memberships, as well as Auto-bill memberships. All memberships have the same benefits, but only Annual PIF and Auto-bill memberships also allow for members to invoice purchases to their account to be billed monthly, as long as the member has provided monthly billing information.

What are the benefits of membership?

We’re constantly adding more value to our memberships! Here’s the current list of benefits.

  • One Free Guest Pass each calendar month (Member must be present at time of pass usage. Individual non-member guests are eligible to use Member’s Free Guest Passes only once per month, and cannot use guest passes from multiple Members within a calendar month.)
  • Free Intro to Climbing Class
  • Discounts in our Pro Shop
  • Free Member only events
  • Discounts on Kids Summer Camps and After School Camps
  • More benefits to come!

How do I sign up for a membership?

You can sign up for a membership either online, or at our Front Desk. You need to know what kind of a membership you want (Individual, Couple’s, or Family), as well as how you want to pay (Monthly Auto-bill, or Prepaid). We offer discounts on membership if you’re a member of the Active Military, Actively Enrolled College Student, 1st Responder (Firefighter, LEO, or EMT/Paramedic), or a Senior Citizen. Before applying the discount however, we will need to verify your status as one of these categories.

What documentation do I need to verify my eligibility for a membership discount?

Couple’s and Family memberships require Proof of Household.

  • IDs showing shared domicile
  • Bills, Pay stubs, and other official letters showing the same address. Please take care to black out any sensitive information. We are ONLY looking to verify shared addresses.
  • This proof must be verified Annually.

Active Military

  • Any non-expired DoD ID Badge or other Military ID showing status as Active Military
  • This proof must be verified Annually.

Actively Enrolled College Student

  • Students must show Current Class Schedule AND College ID
  • This proof must be verified every Semester.

Certified, employed 1st Responder

  • Current Certification Card or non-expired ID Badge
  • Paystub
  • This proof must be verified Annually

Senior Citizen

  • Government Issued ID Card showing name and Date of Birth
  • This proof must be verified only once.

You only list Auto-bill pricing as EFT, but you also allow ACH billing- why?

To make things simple and easy to understand, we wanted to only show EFT pricing. If a member chooses to provide ACH Bank Draft info, we will extend an additional 5% Discount on all Membership Dues.

What if I need to Freeze or Cancel my membership?

For all Prepaid Memberships:

  • Freezes go into effect immediately for the date requested, but must be frozen for a minimum of one month. For any days left on the account, the termination will be moved back in time, equal to the length of the Freeze.
  • Cancellations are not recommended because PIF memberships do not auto-renew. Even if cancelled, no refund will  be issued, as all PIF membership sales are final. In the event that a member still wishes to cancel, they will still have full access to the facility for the remaining time paid.

For all Auto-bill Memberships:

  • Cancellations and Freezes are handled in the same way. All Cancellation/Freeze requests must be submitted in writing (or through our online Membership Change form)  before the end of the month preceding the billing period for which the Cancellation/Freeze are wanted to be in effect. Specifically, because billing is run monthly on the 15th, if a Cancellation/Freeze request is submitted, it must be submitted before the 1st day of the new month to allow time for processing before the 15th, when billing is run. An example would be that John wishes to cancel his membership for the May billing cycle. He must submit his request by April 30th at the latest, in order for it to go into effect on May 15th.
  • All Frozen Auto-bill accounts will incur a cost of $10 per month while frozen.

I have a Couple’s/Family membership. Will Cancelling/Freezing any single account affect the others?

Only for Auto-bill memberships. Cancelling/Freezing either the Primary or the Secondary will cause all lower accounts to “bump up” and fill the rate gap that would otherwise be created. An example: If the Smith family has three accounts (A [$79.00], B [$34.50], and C [$20.00] ), and the Primary (A) is Cancelled or Frozen, then Account B becomes the new Primary Account causing B’s rate to increase from $34.50 to $79.00, and C becomes the new Secondary account causing C’s rate to increase from $20.00 to $34.50 until account A is reinstated as the Primary. All Frozen Auto-bill accounts will incur a cost of $10 per month while frozen.