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Introducing Gripstone’s first annual Climbing League. The League is a series of low-key, team-focused competitions hosted every Monday from 5-9 pm. With 7 total events, starting September 11th and ending October 30th, each event will alternate between ropes and bouldering until the final event (hosted on October 30th), which will include both disciplines.


$100/TEAM (3 climbers, one from each category), $50/INDIVIDUAL

NOTE: The guest registration fee does not include admission. If you are not a member, you must pay an additional $40 for (heavily discounted) Gripstone Day Passes for use on each Event day, which will be included in the event registration. 

When is it?

Climbing League will be hosted every Monday from 5 – 9 pm.

Week 1: September 11th (Boulders)

Week 2: September 18th (Ropes)

Week 3: September 25th (Boulders)

Week 4: October 2nd (Ropes)

Week 5: October 9th (Boulders)

Week 6: October 16th (Ropes)

Week 7: October 30th (Ropes and Boulders)

IMPORTANT: We will not meet October 23rd. 

Why Should I Participate?

While this is a fun way to compete in a low-stress setting, there are some awesome prizes to win. The winning team has the opportunity to win a 6-month free membership. 

Every competitor will get a Gripstone Climbing shirt between week 3 and week 5 that is exclusive to the 2023 season.

There will be a finals party on October 30th, with food & drink for all competitors, games, and fun.

Who Can Compete?

Whether you are a Gripstone member or guest, we welcome you to Climbing League if you are at least 16. The 7-week competition will separate climbers into three different skill-based categories for team points and scoring. On October 30th we will be hosting a finals event and party for participants of the climbing league.

How Are the Categories Determined?

Recreational: V0 – V2 / 5.9 Onsight ability

Intermediate: V3 – V5 / 5.10 – 5.11 Onsight ability

Advanced: V6+ / 5.12+ Onsight ability

*There are no gender categories, they are only skill-based.

How Will Teams Work?

Each team will consist of 3 members in each category, so there can be no more than 1 climber in each skill category per team. Teams will accrue points each week via the team members’ individual results. The final weekly score will be the average of the team members’ individual scores. We will use the weekly team scores to calculate the final season score. 

IF you are interested in joining a team but unable to create one yourself, you can designate yourself a free agent. Our League Organizer will try to get you on a team. 

*A Climber can only be on ONE team. 

Format of Each Event

There will be 9 boulders or 9 routes set specifically for each week. Each boulder or route will be assigned a point value that is directly proportional to the difficulty of the problem (the more difficult, the higher the point value). Every week, climbers will have 4 hours to complete as many climbs as they can. The best 3 climbs will be used for your score.

Climbers may attempt each boulder and route as many times as they would like, there is no penalty for falls. However, the number of attempts that it took a climber to top may be used to break ties. Each attempt should be started from the marked start of the climb (no projecting) to the top in order to earn points.


Scorecards will be sent out at 4 pm the day of the event via Google Forms and must be submitted by 9:15 pm. The event scores will be the total of their highest 3 climbs.

How to Register

Sign up in the RGP booking window by clicking “Sign up now”