Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We’re here to help you get started- No previous experience necessary.

General Questions

Can I just come and climb, or do I have to schedule an appointment and class?

Most people don’t schedule classes for their first time, so they can check out what it’s all about. Everyone will undergo a facility orientation, where we’ll show you how to get set up and ready to climb in person. We have staff in the facility to help you if need be- but most folks are able to get going from here! One thing to remember though: Our staff do not help you clip in and out of our auto-belays, and they do not belay customers. They’re more similar to lifeguards, rather than personal attendants. If you’d like to take a belay class to use our top rope systems, just make sure to set up the class at least 24-hours in advance! Rewiew available classes and book today!

What do I need to get in order to climb?

You’ll need a climbing pass, and if you don’t have your own gear, we also have gear rentals. This is all you really need to climb at our facility, provided that you have closed-toed shoes, and a current liability waiver on file. All rentals are extra, but we do offer Admission+rental packages!

Do I need to wear your climbing shoes and use climbing chalk?

All of our rentals are optional. If you would rather wear your sneakers – go for it! Our shoes help with added friction, but ultimately we want you to be comfortable. Chalk helps dry out sweaty hands and this will help you grip more easily.  It’s ok if you don’t want the rentals now- you can always change your mind and get them later if you don’t want them right off the bat. Flip-flops, Sandals, Vibram Five-fingers and barefoot climbing are strictly prohibited on the climbing walls.

Do I need to fill out any paperwork before I come in, or can I fill it out once I get there?

Waivers are required for everyone to enter the climbing areas – Parents or Legal Guardians must sign for Minors. This can either be done ahead of time online at our Waiver page, or in person at one of our three kiosks.

I'm not climbing. I just want to spectate and be with my family. Do I still need to fill out a waiver?

It depends. If you’re going to be a passive observer- then no. Most folks just want to sit and watch, and that’s totally cool! If you’re going to be an active participant, and will be helping your family climb, by clipping them in and out of our autobelays, belaying them on top rope or lead, or spotting them in our bouldering area (essentially anything that puts you on our grey climbing mats)- then yes, you need to fill out a waiver.

Do you have a dedicated kids area, childcare, or any other "Kids Only" areas in your gym?

No. We do not have childcare, and we do not have any plans to provide childcare in the future. We also do not have a kids only area, where you can drop off your kids to climb on their own. We do have an entire wall with about 10 lines worth of climbing that is specifically set for kids, but it is not “kids only,” and anyone can climb there- it is a bit more private than our other areas.

Do you offer classes?

Yes! Absolutely! We have classes for all levels of ability, from beginner all the way up through advanced climbing. Rewiew available classes and book today! We offer kids programs check them out here.

Do you have any obstacle courses, parkour, or trampoline areas?

No. We are strictly a climbing-oriented facility.

Where are you located?

We are located between Powers and Tutt Blvd., just off the Dublin exit. Our address is 6022 Tutt Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80923. Right next to the large orange Public Storage building, and just a little South of the Chick-Fil-A!

I know how to belay, and I've been to gyms before. Can't I just pay and do my thing?

While we understand that folks might be experienced- we don’t know that until they can demonstrate proficiency. Everyone that comes in is required to undergo a facility and safety orientation, regardless of experience level. As far as belaying and lead belaying/climbing goes- you need to get checked off by one of our staff before you’re allowed to do so. All belay and lead belay checks take under 5 minutes (you either know it or you don’t.), but if you fail, you will be required to come back another day to test again, or take a class if you fail multiple times.

About Our Routesetting

How many climbs?

At full saturation our facility offers over 90 routes, and 75 boulder problems.

What grades do you set?

We set from 5.5 to 5.13 on rope, and from V-0 to V-10.

What's the reset schedule?

We strive to have complete turnover in the gym every 8 weeks.

Tension, Kilter, Moonboard?

Not currently.

Any Cracks?

Nope. Sorry!

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